Drug Discovery: Hit Identification through HTS

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Drug Discovery: Hit identification through HTS

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Stephan Fasler, CEO of Aptuit Switzerland discusses Hit identification through High Throughput Screening.

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Webinar Overview

Stephan addresses the requirements for successful Hit identification by High-throughput screening in this webinar. The main areas of discussion are around

  • What are the prerequisites
    • Planning of campaign
    • Compound collection
    • Infrastructure & assay formats
  • Make the most out of each step
    • Interdisciplinary approach
  • Main factors for success
    • Soft skills may make the difference!

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Aptuit | Stephan Fasler

Stephan Fasler

CEO, Aptuit Switzerland

Stephan is Chief Executive Officer of Aptuit (Switzerland) AG, formerly Exquiron. In his role he oversees relationships with customers for hit discovery programs that involve assay development and high throughput screening. Stephan has more than 20 years’ experience in early stage drug discovery and in basic research in human immunology, acquired in pharmaceutical and contract research environments. He implements and oversees scientific work plans for hit discovery projects.