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EVOEXS21546 is a novel non-brain penetrant A2AR inhibitor for cancer immunotherapy with accelerated drug development

March 31, 2019
1:00-5:00PM | section 21
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Identification of CD73 and A2AR/CD73 small molecule inhibitors for cancer immunotherapy as single agents or in combination with Immune-checkpoint therapies
March 31, 2019
1:00-5:00PM | section 21
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EVT801: a selective VEGFR3 inhibitor with the potential for combination with immune-checkpoint therapies, preclinical evidences and plans for first-in-human evaluation
April 2, 2019
1:00-5:00PM | section 23
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Joanna Lisztwan

Joanna Lisztwan Evotec

Global In Vitro Biology


Cancer Drug Development: The Advantage of Collaborative Networks 
Nature Reviews Drug Discovery InsideView, March 29, 2019

  • What are Evotec's key areas of focus in oncology?
  • Why is clinical translation an important step?
  • How does Evotec improve its translatability?
  • How can patient samples support this process?

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Mark Whittaker
SVP Head of Oncology

Michael Esquerre
Group Leader, In Vivo Pharmacology and Clinical Translation

Pierre Fons
Group Leader, In Vivo Pharmacology and Clinical translation

Geraldine Parenty
VP, In Vitro Biology

Corentin Herbert
Group Leader, In Vitro Pharmacology

Ryan Brady
EVP, Business Development

Bill Newsome
VP, Business Development

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