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Target Discovery for Colon and Lung Cancer through Multiomics Analysis of High Quality Patient Samples


Evotec and Indivumed have collaborated on this joint webinar which will address the following areas:

  • How to source high quality tissue from a global clinical network
  • Quality in, quality out: Gold standard data processing pipelines in the cloud
  • Using multi-omic data sets to drive better therapeutic target selection
  • How to identify truly novel first-in-class targets with compelling clinical rational
  • Expanding experimental target validation in 2D and 3D cultures and beyond
  • Personalized medicine: using primary patient material for experimental target validation
  • The Global Picture: In vitro target validation assays to study primary tumours and their microenvironment

About the speakers


Fernando Andreu, CBO, Indivumed

 Fernando Andreu
Chief Business Officer, Indivumed

Fernando Andreu joined Indivumed in 2018 to lead the development and launch of the world’s most comprehensive multi-omics database for oncology, (IndivuType). Fernando is a veteran of the In Vitro Diagnostics industry with more than 30 years experience in the field. Throughout his career he has specialized in the implementation of innovative technologies and approaches to healthcare. Some of the projects he has led include the rollout of decentralized and self-monitoring programs for patients under Oral Anticoagulant Treatments, the development of a platform to communicate people with diabetes with their doctors, the development and launch of the first CE marked liquid biopsy IVD kit (RAS testing) and the implementation of a molecular test for intraoperative lymph node assessment throughout the Spanish healthcare system. In parallel, he has been teaching for more than 15 years the Entrepreneurship course at ESADE Business School (Barcelona), coaching and supervising the development of more than 100 business plans, which in many cases became successful ventures afterwards.

Picture Markus Dangl

Markus Dangl
Therapeutic Area Head, Innovate Oncology, Evotec

Dr Dangl currently serves as the Head of Evotec´s Innovate Oncology therapeutic area. 

He joined the company from Achilles Therapeutics where he oversaw as CSO the non-clinical research and development activities of multiple TIL-based cell therapy programs entering into clinical trials in late 2019.

Markus holds a PhD in Biochemistry from the University of Innsbruck in Austria.


Jonathan Woodsmith
Director of Advanced Analytics and AI, Indivumed

Currently driving quality control and development of the processing and analytical pipelines behind the IndivuType clinical and multiomics database. IndivuType is a cancer multiomics database that uses highest quality biospecimens and clinical data combined with leading-edge analytical methods. Through his role at Indivumed in building this novel platform, Jonathan aims to provide new insights into the biology of cancer and enabling new discoveries in the postgenomic era.

Having trained as a molecular and computational biologist in his academic career at the Max Planck Institute, Jonathan joined Indivumed’s team in February 2019 to help drive the IndivuType project. A firm believer in the power of novel technologies and big data to drive forward our understanding of human disease processes and healthcare discovery pipelines, Jonathan’s aims align well with IndivuType’s goal to becoming a transformative tool for precision medicine for oncology.

Eberhard Kraus 2

Eberhard Krauß
Group Leader, In Vitro Biology, Evotec

Dr. Eberhard Krauß is Group Leader in the In Vitro Biology department at the Evotec site in Toulouse, France, overseeing a number of internal and external projects in oncology as well as various technology platforms such as ex vivo culture, single cell RNAseq, CRISPR and high-content imaging. One of his current responsibilities is leadership of several target identification and validation activities.

In 2014, Eberhard co-founded and implemented VIB Discovery Sciences enabling to translate basic research outcomes into early drug discovery programmes. Previously, he has been supporting scientists and teams during various positions in industry (Tibotec/Janssen) and academia in technology selection, target identification & validation, development particularly of physiologically more relevant cell-based assays, screening, and drug discovery (oncology, infectious diseases, CNS). In 2003-2008, he was setting-up and heading the central high-content screening labs at the Max Planck Institute in Dresden, Germany. Before, he held responsible positions for 6 years in biotech industry at Cenix BioScience (Germany) and Cyclacel (Scotland, UK) dealing with RNA interference (RNAi) and drug discovery, respectively.





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