The Hollow Fibre Infection Model

Faster Development of Novel Anti-Infectives Therapies

The key to de-risking and expediting the development and approval of new antimicrobials lies in the detailed understanding of the PK/PD relationship.

Understanding this relationship informs the development of optimal human dosing, maximising efficacy while minimising the potential to antimicrobial resistance.

This whitepaper describes and appraises today's most versatile in vitro system for the determination of in vitro PK/PD relationships between antimicrobial compounds and bacteria, fungi and viruses - the Hollow Fibre Infection Model (HFIM), covering all areas including:

  • The importance of non clinical PK/PD
  • Why and when the HFIM should be used in the drug discovery process
  • Evotec's HFIM expertise

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